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Bow House Playschool for Dogs was founded in 2018 by Paul Wycherley with the aim of setting new standards of care for dog day care centres.

Paul is a former international athlete, with incredible results and recognized by many for his record. He has been a canoeist for Great Britain for over 14 years and is a former junior world champion.

Paul is the current Guiness World Record holder for crossing the English Channel by single canoe (kayak).

After reaching the peak of his career as an athlete, Paul retired from professional sport in 2012 and started a career in financial services working to help major financial businesses with conduct regulation and remediation operations.

It was only in 2016 that Paul and and his partner adopted a dog, Frank, a Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla. The sedentary lifestyle of the corporate world was not what Paul was looking for in his life and he decided to turn his life around one more time. Out of every outdoor activity, spending time with his dog was what made him the happiest. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to hang out with his dog every day, playing and running around nature together.

That passion for outdoor activities and living life to the fullest led to researching doggy daycare businesses, of which Paul and Liz had become regular customers, and looking to for a way to use his expertise to build a market leading dog care service. This is how he developed the first Bow Wow House site in Chessington on the A3 corridor from London, which, at the beginning, was exclusively launched to a handful of clients.

Fast forward to 2018 andBow Wow House has opened its doors to Londoners that want the very best for their dog. Paul now conducts the exact life that he desired for all these years and is happy to contribute to the well-being of dogs all around the city.

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